Personalized Counseling

Personalized Counseling – With You in Mind

I use a humanistic approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes human uniqueness, positive qualities, and individual potential. I focus on you rather than your symptom. I view psychological problems (including addictions) with the lens that we can all make authentic, meaningful, and self-directed choices about how to live. Accordingly, our therapy is aimed at increasing self-awareness and self-understanding.

The humanistic approach to therapy is particularly appropriate for addiction treatment because it facilitates building rapport, focuses on your potential inner resources, and establishes you as the person responsible for recovery! I help and motivate you to envision recovery as a lifelong process of working to reach your full potential.

I support the message embodied in the “Serenity Prayer” to accept the things that cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference. I embrace the 12-Step program philosophy of rigorous self-assessment — of accepting one’s own personal limitations and continually choosing and re-choosing to act according to certain principles as a way of living life.

My goal is to establish a therapeutic relationship with you that is collaborative, accepting, authentic, and honors your wisdom and ability to find your own answers.

Discover How To:

  • Focus and take charge of your recovery from addiction
  • Understand how to cope with a loved one’s addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, sex)
  • Examine sources of anxiety and depression and learn healthy patterns
  • Learn effective communication with your partner, children and parents
  • Improve your decision-making ability
  • Set strong personal boundaries – and keep them
  • Overcome negative thinking
  • Let go of old fears and pain and enjoy your life