Hypnosis for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential to a healthy mind and body.

Hypnosis helps people relax deeply so that they fall asleep easily. The Hypnosis for a Good Night’s Sleep CD and MP3 were created to help you relax and enjoy a deeply restorative sleep using hypnotic language, music and imagery.

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Testimonials for Hypnosis for a Good Night’s Sleep

“Within 10 minutes of listening to Claire’s CD, I fell into a deep sleep. The first month I listened 2-3 times a week and fell asleep easier and more quickly. Now I find that my body and brain have learned to let go and fall asleep naturally. I occasionally listen even now when my mind is racing. It allows me to turn off the noise and concentrate on taking care of myself. I felt safe enough to let go.”
– Barbara P.

“With a soothing voice and pleasant background music, Claire Caines has produced a hypnotic audio experience that is relaxing and sleep-inducing. Hypnosis for a Good Night’s Sleep is a skillful merging of progressive relaxation, guided imagery, and hypnotic suggestion sure to ease insomnia and improve your sleep patterns.”
– Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Author of Why Do I Keep Doing This?

“Claire’s relaxing tone of voice and pace are excellent. The background music enhanced the experience. One of the things I really like about Hypnosis for a Good Night’s Sleep is that the imagery allows my imagination to set the scene. It is open enough to let me form my own images, but clear enough to guide me into a state of relaxation.”
– Jennifer O’Hagan, RH
Woodland Naturals, Hope, NJ

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